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Safe performance is no ?#@*&%! accident

Successful completion of a project is the result of education, training and engineering.

I am Marco J. van Daal and a strong believer in sharing knowledge.
The Works international offers worldwide professional Heavy Transport & Lift seminars and is dedicated to improving your project skills.

My objective for The Works international is to offer Heavy Transport & Lift training that covers every aspect associated with the execution of a project. I have been in this industry for over 20 years, have executed projects on 5 continents, in over 55 countries.

Apart from highlighting “what is out there”, the newest developments and technologies, my seminars cover the basic ground rules (laws of nature) as well as complex projects such as load-outs and multi crane lifts, but also topics such as rigging (both basic and advanced), jacking and skidding, gantries, tailing devices and last but not least, accidents and how to avoid them.

The seminars are given in public and private form, in 1-day or 2-day sessions. Public seminars are given at predetermined dates and participants can subscribe to them. Private seminars are given at the request of a client. The main purpose of the seminars is to share knowledge in order to avoid accidents and make this industry a safe(r) place to work.

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Attend one of my seminars and help avoiding incidents, accidents or worse…. loss of life.

I will teach you the skills to assess a project and detect potential disasters in the early stages – and prevent them from happening.

My authored books, publications and articles offer a solid base for the novice as well as the experienced Heavy Transport and Lift operative, engineer, sales team and management. I am currenlty writing articles for the International Cranes and Specialized Transport magazine.

Over the years, the word of mouth advertising has led to a wide variety of clients having attended the seminars. From heavy transport companies to manufacturers to insurance companies to plant owners and engineering companies. It would be a privilege to serve you as well.

This site is dedicated to providing you with information and knowledge on the various heavy and specialized transport, lifting and project cargo topics.

Marco J. van Daal
lecturer | speaker | author


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Group picture upon completion of seminar

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